One Texas PAC Launches

When I heard about this new One Texas PAC, I figured since some of my favorite legislators were leading the charge that it would definitely be a plus in the development of Latina/o leaders with legislative goals in mind that are good for Texas.

For over a decade, Republicans have refused to lead and instead have chosen bad politics over good policy. We are not building roads, and we are 50th in electric power generation reliability. Despite record droughts and wildfires, they have refused to make smart investments to ensure adequate water supplies for families and businesses that depend on it.

Our resource challenges are no different than the crises we face in both health care and public education. Budget cuts, layoffs and closures have become a substitute for sound judgment, reasoned policy and responsible leadership.  Texas can do better.

It’s time for new leadership and new direction.  It’s time we become One Texas.

You can’t go wrong with a message that deals with the harsh realities that Republicans have dealt our Texas. And as State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer challenges his colleagues  to pony up some support for the PAC, matching it with $50,000 of his own campaign funds, there’s no telling how far and how long this PAC can go. The key to our legislative future is a long-term commitment to something like this at the state level.

And unlike traditional political action committees, One Texas will participate in voter engagement and play a pivotal role on matters of public policy, demography and mobilizing Texas’ largest demographic.  One Texas is uniquely positioned to impact public policy accountability in Austin to voter sentiment throughout the state.

Of course, locally, organizations like Latinos. Engaged. United. Voting. are also doing their part to engage Latinos in the process using non-traditional tactics. There’s a lot of work to be done and we need all hands on deck for November and beyond.

Here’s a video from One Texas PAC:

DC will definitely be following OneTexas.

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