Republicans Cannot Escape the Chains of Truth

As I watch the Mitt and Paul show attempting to hit President Obama and VP Biden because of a pretty hard truth told by the VP, I cannot help but laugh a little, and then get a little annoyed.

When it comes to race politics, it is Republicans who get easily offended when called out on their policies and how they affect minority communities. And that’s what the VP was doing–calling out the Republicans on their idea of giving banks carte blanche to do as they want while keeping their customers held prisoner without much recourse.

Does it make sense now when it is put in this context? Because in this case, it is not far from the truth, whether you’re African American, Latino, and even Anglo. Banks without regulatory oversight are dangerous. It’s that simple.

But leave it to Romney, Ryan and the Republicans to simply point fingers and use the word “hate” against the President, while failing to defend on just how their policies would decimate minority and working class communities. Not just banking regulation, but the Republican idea of ending Medicare, ending the Affordable Care Act, vetoing the DREAM Act, and their lack of a job creation plan.

No, it’s nothing new. And the 3 Rs will utilize this to capture the hearts and minds of independents, but I’m hoping the indies are smart enough to still question how Republican policies would affect their households. Really, they just need to go back to Bush-Cheney to remember.

When it comes to playing race politics, Republicans will always lose the argument. Republican attempts at convincing those in minority communities that entitlements are bad for our communities–when many of us actually survived (or know someone who did) because, as the President says, we are our brothers keeper–have failed. So, now, they have to attack a white guy who tells a truth that leaders in minority communities have said for decades.

To borrow from Ann Romney, “You people” can’t handle the truth!

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