Diaz Still Wins After Recount

Frankly, I wasn’t surprised by the news that Chris Diaz still leads after a recount requested by his opponent–even adding an additional vote in Diaz’s favor.

The 17-vote margin is unofficial, Democratic Party chairman Lane Lewis said, adding the party plans to finalize the tallies on Saturday.

I attended the last CEC meeting in which Diaz’s 16-vote victory was actually canvassed, unfortunately, it seems his opponent, Zerick Guinn, and his supporters. With the County Clerk’s error that had Guinn substantially ahead, I guess folks had questions.

At the CEC canvassing, several of our Democratic members of the ballot board stated that once the discrepancy was corrected on election night, they were very sure the final results were accurate. So, given that, I didn’t expect a recount of an electronic vote to change much in the results. I think we can continue to agree with the ineptness of the County Clerk’s office, but as far as this race is concerned, I’m hoping we can move forward.

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