Perry: Deferred Action Does Not Affect Texas

A favorite line of anti-immigrant, anti-Latino Republicans is that immigrants are somehow obtaining welfare and other benefits that are supposed to be for “real ‘merkins.” Today, Rick Perry seems to have gotten his messages confused when he announced that the Obama policy change called Deferred Action does not affect Texas.

These guidelines do not change our obligations under federal and Texas law to determine a person’s eligibility for state and local public benefits. Federal law prohibits conferring such benefits to most unlawfully present aliens, absent a state law to the contrary. In Texas, our legislature has passed laws that reflect the policy choices that they believe are right for Texas. The secretary’s directive does not undermine or change our state laws, or any federal laws that apply within the State of Texas. I expect our state agències to continue to comply with and enforce the laws for the protection of our citizens, communities and state treasury and in fulfillment of our constitutional duty as officials within the executive branch.

Well, I’m so glad that the Republican Governor of Texas has reiterated that immigrants are not eligible for benefits in Texas. Maybe his fellow Republicans will stop the lies about Latinos and immigrants being a burden on the state. Of course, I’m sure glad he’s also willing to admit how heartless Republicans are by cutting off immigrant children.

Obviously, he couldn’t pull a “Brewer” on this one, since Texas is way ahead on attempts at anti-immigrant, anti-Latino legislation, like no benefits or driver licenses for immigrants.

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