Harris County Latinos on the Ballot

Someone asked me about the Latino line-up on the 2012 ballot, so, I figured I’d make a post with a list of them–at least from the Democratic side of things. So, here we go (incumbents in bold):

Mario V. Gallegos, Jr. – Texas Senate District 6

Armando Walle – Texas House, District 140

Ana Hernandez-Luna – Texas House, District 143

Mary Ann Perez – Texas House, District 144

Carol Alvarado – Texas House, District 145

Jessica Farrar – Texas House, District 148

Julia Maldonado – 14th Court of Appeals, Place 8

Michael Gomez – Judge, 129th District

Josefina Rendon – Judge, 165th District

Ruben Guerrero – Judge, 174th District

David L. Mendoza – Judge, 178th District

Adrian Garcia  – Sheriff

Jo Ann Delgado – JP Pct 2 – 1

Richard Vara – JP Pct 6 – 1

Chris Diaz – Constable Pct 2

Victor Trevino – Constable Pct 6

Silvia Mintz – County School Trustee Pos 4, Pct 3

And if anyone else asks about other political parties, I will say there are four Spanish-surnames on the “right-wing” of the ballot. And if I counted correctly, there are also three running “green.”

This answers questions from a few readers regarding the number of Latinos on the ballot. Enjoy!

2 responses to “Harris County Latinos on the Ballot

  1. Are the other candidates in the “right wing” and “green” parties not Latinos to you?