FRIDAY 8/24!

Here’s a must-attend event for you that is coming up, thanks to the good folks at Obama For America’s Houston HQ. I’m proud to participate as the guest speaker, so, please attend, participate in the discussion, and enjoy a great documentary.

Join us for this special Latinos for Obama edition of Fired Up! Friday D&D! There are approximately 12 million people living in this country without documents. Undocumented is a documentary that explores the human element of immigration as well as both sides of the debate.

There will be a SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER …Dont miss it!

[Stace Medellin of]

In lieu of the President’s executive act to give relief to children who have been brought here by their parents at a young age, we thought this documentary would be a great tool to understanding this phenomena.

So bring yourself + a friend, there will be snacks and refreshments


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