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Glad That’s Over…

Yes, the RNC is now over, and with it, hopefully Mitt Romney’s campaign. It seemed like the entire confab was about somehow humanizing Mitt Romney. And, while a little emotion is good with the personal stories, Romney didn’t do all that great a job of making people connect with his side of the issues. In fact, as much as he attacked President Obama for not doing enough (in Mitt’s eyes), he offered no solutions.

And don’t get me started on that line about “legal” immigration. Trying to capture hearts and minds with images of immigrants arriving at the Statue of Liberty and the Miami coastline (from Cuba) did not help them with the Latino vote. Latino immigrants have mostly seen cactus and mesquite in their quest to find a better life in the United States, and Mitt wants them to self-deport.

Romney and the Republicans left little doubt as to their quest to take America back to a “better” time–like the 1950s.

What Is the Obama/Democratic Response?

I think the Democratic message should be simple:  We elected Obama, this is what we accomplished despite Republican attempts to block progress, and this is what is left to do, so, let’s keep working. And if Americans want more change for the better, then give President Obama a better Congress that will work for the people, rather than one that only worries about the next political campaign. And lots of powerful images flashing on the screen will help. And no home movies–many of us couldn’t afford a Kodak 110 film camera, much less a video camera. Democrats must connect with a majority of voters, but make it about policy and not how any individual politician is just like them. Romney tried that already.

Another Bad Day for Republicans

Abbott, Perry and the Republicans were dealt another blow to their voter suppression campaign as a DC federal court ruled against Texas’ Voter ID law. The judge finds it discriminates against the poor and minorities, and it does. That’s been our argument the whole time. The GOP has failed to prove that “fraud” exists in in-person voting, too.

The Republicans have redefined “frivolous lawsuits” with all of their lawsuits against the voters. All the taxpayer money wasted on this shows they are protecting their own incumbency, rather than voters. But, I’m sure the Republican waste will continue, and hopefully, the Supreme Court will choose to protect the Voter Rights Act, rather than pick the side of political expediency. The voters are watching, nonetheless. And so is the Voter Empowerment Project:

Make no mistake, even though we have been victorious in these two legal battles, we have not yet won the war. The Republican forces of voter suppression are hard at work right here in Texas and just because their legislative efforts have failed doesn’t mean they don’t have other plans up their sleeves.  That’s exactly why the Voter Empowerment Project was created. We must remain vigilant against these voting rights attackers. They will spread misinformation, use intimidation tactics, and challenge the rights of legal voters to cast ballots. They will try whatever they can to keep Democratic voters away from the polls, block them from voting when they arrive, and prevent their ballot from being counted after it is cast. It is up to us to stop them. They will do whatever it takes. Will you? Will you serve as an Election Judge or Clerk to make sure that the election is run fairly? Will you be a poll watcher to observe the conduct of the election and call out the vote suppressors when they strike? Will you be a Voter Protection Hotline operator to take calls from voters who encounter problems at the polls and help them get the issue resolved? Will you do whatever it takes to ensure that every voter can cast a ballot that counts for the candidates of their choice? I’m up for this challenge. Will you join me? 

ENJOY YOUR LABOR DAY WEEKEND! Just remember that Unions brought you the weekend!

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