Deval-Great! Castro-Amazing! FLOTUS-Awesome!

Frankly, I think the vast majority of Day 1’s speeches were pretty energetic. Although excited about Mayor Castro and FLOTUS during the prime-time hour, the one speech I had been awaiting was Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

A young- and vibrant-looking fifty-six years old, Patrick has been on my 2016 radar for a while. I expected him to deliver and he really did. Smacking Mitt Romney’s record as a Mass. governor who left a big mess, the Governor went full-throttle calling on Democrats to grow a backbone and defend our own record. It was a great message for the base and then-some.

Was that a hit at another prospect for 2016, like Gov. Martin O’Malley, who flubbed on Sunday?  One thing is for sure, Deval Patrick is a staunch defender of Democratic values and even has a record of defending and supporting comprehensive immigration reform, in-state tuition for DREAMers, and even slamming SCOMM.

Mayor Castro’s appearance on the big stage was exciting enough, but I have the feeling he scored a lot of points for President Obama to close any Latino enthusiasm gap. He said all of the right things about himself, his family, President Obama, and especially the policies which a majority of Latinos support. And according to the media talking heads, Castro seems to have exceeded expectations.

Like I said, give Castro a real prime-time spot on TV and an energized crowd, and he will deliver. Of course, he delivers at your club meeting at a small mexican restaurant, too.

As far as FLOTUS is concerned, she manages to capture my heartstrings all of the time. I’ll be the first to admit that I was not a fan of hers during the 2008 primaries, but when she presented her family’s story in 2008, it resonated with me and my sisters. I came to find out we weren’t that different and that when voters seek to identify with a candidate, that is the kind of story that matters. Last night, she delivered for President Obama; of course, I wasn’t too surprised.

The Other Speakers

One guy that I haven’t been a big fan of was Kal Penn, but his presentation last night was pretty awesome. He urged young people to vote and declared that the administration is not done fighting for the DREAM Act. You can’t go wrong with that message.

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