The Clinton Mystique Lives!

There’s something about President Bill Clinton that fires Dems up. Practically created in the labs of the DLC, Clinton is considered a political moderate. As liberal as some of us are, there is still something about him that we like love.

A friend of mine noted on the Twitters last night that Clinton’s speech resonated most with Latinos during this Convention (with apologies to Julian Castro, of course.). And there’s no doubt about it, Latinos love Bill Clinton.

While Reagan reigned during the so-called Decade of the Hispanic, which practically destroyed Hispanics, it was during the Clinton era in which Latinos enjoyed much economic success. Yes, some of us didn’t agree with his 1996 immigration reform measure, which produced 287 (g), but since we are not single issue voters, we graded him on his entire record. And as the Twitters were telling us, he is still much revered.

As far as last night’s speech is concerned, Clinton was just plain Clinton. The way he minimized complex issues down to their simplest forms begs the question:  Why isn’t Clinton the Dems’ spokesperson?

Much is being said in the media as to why the Party or the Administration hasn’t been able to explain things as well as Clinton did last night. And I agree. Clinton’s way of describing the Republican message works:

We left him a total mess, he hasn’t cleaned it up fast enough, so fire him, put us back in.”

My Other Favorite Speakers:

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver delivered a barn burner of a sermon yesterday. I was listening to it on the radio in downtown traffic, so, I’m sure the authorities were looking for a crazy person driving around pumping his fist in the air (me).

Kamala Harris, the California AG, also had a great presentation. I hope to see her go places.

Benita Veliz and Cristina complemented each other. The young DREAMer and the veteran achiever provided folks a nice snapshot about what the Democratic Party really is about–opportunity.

Elizabeth Warren speaks in that grandmotherly tone, that, when she slams a policy or a Republican politician, it is done with authority rather than in a snooty manner. This kind of message delivery works!

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