Thoughts on Viernes…09072012

Obama-Biden Chart Path Forward

I don’t know what the big woop is about, I thought President Obama’s speech was spot on and delivered the message we all needed to hear:  America is a lot better than we were in 2008, and we will keep getting better with Obama at the helm.

VP Biden did an excellent job of skewering Romney-Ryan and the path they want for America. While Biden delivered the meat, Obama’s speech took more the tone of an elected leader who had the task of calming fears and uneasiness, while promoting and defending a strong first-term. Hope and Change turned into a call to keep moving forward.

Other speakers I enjoyed:

Congressman John Lewis of Georgia, Beau Biden’s nomination of his dad, Xavier Becerra, Eva Longoria, Gov. Schweitzer of Montana, and a very powerfully delivered speech from Senator John Kerry. Dick Durbin provided a cherry on top as the go-to guy on the DREAM Act.

Fighting Childhood Cancer

As I mentioned earlier this week, next Friday 9/14 is a night YOU should be supporting. The GOLDEN Dinner and Tejano Dance  will be held in support of fighting Childhood Cancer. Go to the link to read more about it, or just buy your tickets, which are now $15.

The Return of The Super Seven

I got this poster in the Facepages this week and since I’m a fan, I thought I’d promote it. The Grammy-winning supergroup, The Super Seven get back together for one night. This should be a pretty awesome night.

TXST Goes for 2-in-a-row

Other than on FB, I didn’t make much about the HUGE Texas State win over the University of Houston last weekend. In case you didn’t know, the final score was 30-13, and the big run by Marcus Curry even made ESPN’s Top 10 plays of the game. Coach Fran’s boys get tested again this weekend as they take on Tech at the newly expanded Jim Wacker Field at Bobcat Stadium.

Good luck, ‘Cats!

And have a great weekend, folks.

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