Since the doofs at Fox News have decided to attack Rosie Castro, I thought I’d re-run this post about her. Learn about her history and her accomplishments.

Jan Jarboe Russell runs an article in on the mother of “los cuates” (Julian and Joaquin Castro) Rosie Castro.  Of course, Joaquin is a State Representative and Julian is now the Mayor of San Antonio.  Like many politicos, the brothers have a story, and the foundation of their story is their mom.

I met Rosie a few years ago at the Texas Democratic Convention in Houston. When she found out I was from Crystal City, TX, the conversation turned into memory lane as we traveled through the “Raza Unida days.”

Over her lifetime, Rosie has taken much mean-spirited, gratuitous criticism. In her 20s, she was the chair of the Bexar County Raza Unida Party, a third party inspired by the national civil rights movement of the 1960s. Some business leaders who would be ecstatic if their sons or daughters were doing as well as Rosie’s, privately dismissed Rosie as…

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