Obama on Univision – A Review

President Obama just finished his turn on Univision and he seems to have knocked it out of the park again. He has been consistent on his issues stances from Day 1 and made sure to point out Romney’s previous stances in contrast to any perceived “softening.”

Immigration – Obama reiterated his support for comprehensive immigration reform and the DREAM Act. He pointed to Romney’s stances on DREAM (and Romney’s veto threat) .

Education- Obama stated he helped stave off teacher layoffs. With RomneyRyan budgets, you will see 20% less resources to states for education, thus, more teacher layoffs, and more strikes like we saw in Chicago. Obama will provide more help as long as there is accountability, high standards, and he will help hire 100,000 math and science teachers.

Pell Grant and Student Loans. Obama vowed to continue working on helping colleges and universities lower tuition, continue supporting Pell Grants. Above all, Obama pointed to his work on taking out the middle-man when it comes to student loans, thus making loans cheaper and more accessible for students.

On 47 to 100 % change by Romney. Obama stated what he said on election night, working also for the 47% that did not vote for him. Re: Mitt, he stated that when you express an attitude that 1/2 of the country wants to be dependent on government, maybe you haven’t gotten around a lot. He added, “Do people abuse system? YES at bottom and top because millionaires abuse the system, too.”

Drug Cartels. Obama admits to demand for drugs on this side of the border and that the Cartel problem is a problem at both sides. It’s not just a Mexico issue. Wants to increase support for drug prevention programs. Also wants to stop flow of guns and cash from US to Mexico.  Regarding Fast and Furious, stated Holder actually stopped the program when he found out about it, but stated that US must recognize that guns are being moved to the South. Wants to move forward with strategy that works. Has complete confidence in Holder.

Asked about biggest failure.  Not getting comprehensive immigration reform, but not for a lack of trying or desire. Lays blame on GOP Congress wanting to defeat him from day 1 and not working on CIR or other important issues. Wants to concentrate on being in a conversation with the American people to move issues, like CIR, forward.

Called out on breaking CIR promise, President says he has more work to do, and that he can build on progress. DACA provides that opportunity to continue working on CIR.

In his closing statement, President Obama tells the camera he urged Latinos to vote, to vote for him, AND to vote for Democrats up and down the ballot.

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