Thoughts on Debate Numero Uno

What did Mitt win?

My mom would say “el camino pa’ la casa!” In other words, a first class ticket home since one can hardly win an election after one debate.

Sure, Mitt was “aggressive,” which is just a nicer word for asshole horse’s ass. If he treats a fellow American like this, can you imagine what he would do to an ally? A disrespectful leader is hardly something we want kids to look up to, don’t you think? At least that’s what we want from little Iranian kids who might watch an Ahmadinejad speech, right?

Mitt’s behavior basically provided a rise for his base, and perhaps riled up a few undecideds. There’s no doubt Mitt needed to give his base a prod, and staying true to his uncanny ability to tell lies while seeming sincere, well, it looked like he accomplished that much. Of course, the news-heads so hungry for a fight are willing to keep regurgitating the rancid red meat Mitt offers.

There’s just one problem:  Mitt lied through his perfectly capped (and expensive) teeth! Whether it was about Obamacare or the tax giveaway for the wealthy, Mitt lied for most of the debate. Hence, the rancid red meat.

Unfortunately, there are some voters who believe being “Presidential” is the same as being an asshole horse’s ass.

Of course, if any image of a Mitt-tory appeared it was because President Obama and moderator Lehrer helped in that regard. Some say the President was bored, others say he was annoyed. If he needs to be annoyed at anyone it’s at those who prepped him. Otherwise, President Obama needed to show more “ganas” to win. And Lehrer, well, he needs to be done.

And then there are those who say, “wait until the fact-checkers say something.” BIG DEAL! As an elected official friend of mine said, “that’s the President’s job!” Ultimately, this all goes back to President Obama.

From the get-go, it seems the talking heads were talking about “looking presidential,” but Mitt was hardly anything but a guy who has purchased any respect people pretend to give him. He will always be the guy who targeted the 47%–the ones he says refuse to take “personal responsibility.” I would hope that people are not readily willing to forgive how he really feels about them.

What a candidate says during 90 minutes of free advertising after running 18 months on a different narrative should not be the basis of a ballot decision. And neither should an off-night for President who has been busy with a war, a slowly improving economy, and other important Presidential stuff. Yeah, that’s right, he is the President.

Well, we’ve got two more presidential (and one more vice-presidential) debates on the way. Romney will continue with his un-presidential, privileged frat-boy behavior, for sure. President Obama needs to repeal and replace his debate plan.

And don’t get me started on Mitt’s attack on Big Bird and friends.

My friend Harold Cook has a good take on the whole thing.

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