Thoughts on Viernes…10052012

What A Week!

I just want to thank family and friends who sent messages and prayers during this last week after my mother and my sis, Sylvia, fell ill. Mom is doing much better and regaining her strength, while Sylvia got some good news, although will still require surgery. It has been a rough and stressful week, but we all must press forward! And we shall…


The Chicano Festival got off to a great start last night at Miller Outdoor Theater. Avizo put on a great performance, while Jaime de Anda y Los Chamacos blew the roof off of the MOT. Finally, the legendary Ruben Ramos and The Mexican Revolution was just awesome.

Tonight, it’s Little Joe y La Familia, Gary Hobbs, and Los Bandoleros. I expect to be there. My only complaint, thus far, is the rude “usher” staff who were attacking folks with camera phones and real cameras last night. Tejano music needs all the help and marketing it can earn and stopping people from doing their part to promote La Onda Chicana/Tejana is just plain pendejismo. Take a chill pill!


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