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Wow! It’s here already! Early Voting for the November election begins on Monday. There are 37 early voting locations around Harris County, and one is in your neighborhood. Need to look at a sample ballot? Well, you can click here and find your specific sample ballot.

The important thing is to get it done early. I will be at a polling location at 8AM (or sometime after) on Monday, for sure. That way, all I need to worry about is the arrival of the big e-mail about the victory party.

Los Lonely Boys Cancel Rest of Tour

My favorite Texican Rock band, Los Lonely Boys, announced yesterday the cancellation of some shows and the rest of their tour due to a medical condition afflicting drummer and brother, Ringo.

Ringo is dealing with complications in his hip, knee and both ankles. What you all don’t know is he has been performing with this condition for nearly three weeks not to mention prior tours and shows. At this point it has taken its toll on our brother and we are very sad to inform you that we are canceling the rest of this tour and possibly future dates. Sincere apologies to the venues and the promoters involved…we always strive to get the job done with the best performance possible and we thank those who give us the opportunity to do so and in saying that we are very sorry. And of course we apologize to our very loving and understanding fans, we know some of y’all have driven from miles away, we know times are tough for lots of people, and we know y’all can always be somewhere else instead of an LLB concert.

I caught these guys live in North Texas a few years ago and they can wail. Let’s hope Ringo gets back in it soon and that LLB resume their tour. For now, though, it’s all about Ringo getting better.

Sheriff Adrian Garcia – The Ad


Yes, my no-brainer endorsements will be up on Sunday/Monday.

From the Famous Last Words Department

The Texas Tribune’s Texas Weekly features quotes of the week, and this week’s is probably the best one…ever!


“Fuck vouchers.”

The late Sen. Mario Gallegos, on his deathbed, to Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst

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