Endorsement: Vote FOR the City of Houston Bonds

There are five proposals on the ballot in which the City of Houston asks voters to approve $410 million in bonds. According to Mayor Parker, this is one of the smallest bond packages and items that will benefit from the bond approval are very much needed.

The proposals are as follows:

  • Proposition A — Public safety: $144 million
  • Proposition B — Parks: $166 million
  • Proposition C — Health, Sanitation, Recycling, Gen. Government: $57 million
  • Proposition D — Library: $28 million
  • Proposition E — Housing: $15 million

Proposition B is particularly important as $100 million of it will be earmarked, along with private matching funds, to connect bayous with green spaces, with the idea that parks be more accessible and closer to all Houstonians.

All of the City’s council districts stand to gain gain from the bonds, whether it be fire stations, libraries, green spaces, or general improvements. The Affordable Housing proposal would invest in clearing blighted properties for the purpose of building affordable housing.

Ultimately, these are good investments in the future. No, it’s not everything Houston needs, but it is a start. The biggest selling point is that a tax increase will not be needed; but for me, it’s all about simply creating a more livable and sustainable Houston.

I recommend a FOR vote for all of the City of Houston propositions.

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