Endorsement: Vote FOR HISD Bond

As a liberal Democrat, I always tend to vote for anything that would attempt to make schools better. It wasn’t until I moved to the ‘burbs that I saw blatant disregard for certain schools in the poorer parts of a school district, while uplifting and appeasing the wealthier neighborhoods with new schools and facilities. It was then that I questioned everything about bond packages, taking a closer look at who truly benefited. And I took the same approach on this bond proposal because, although HISD is a minority-majority district, and the vast majority of kids qualify for the lunch program, someone other than the kids could benefit too much.

Seven months after moving back into the City, I can see Houston ISD is in dire need of new high schools. With aged, broken-down, and unsafe facilities that are 50+ years of age, it is high-time that the people invested in the future of Houston. And let me tell you, it is high schools where we end up losing a lot of our kids. Providing state-of-the-art facilities for our students should be priority one. Therefore, supporting the HISD bond really is a no-brainer, right?

But the decision to support didn’t come all that easily as one of my major concerns was HISD’s recent bad publicity regarding their contracting process and their lack of a strong ethics and campaign finance policy. This summer, they made a move toward stronger rules, which gave me a little peace of mind–enough to fully support the HISD Bond.

I highly recommend a YES vote for the HISD Bond.

For specifics on the bond, click here.

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