Endorsements: Vote the Democratic Slate

After going through the entire ballot of races, I have decided to endorse the Democratic slate in 2012, while encouraging voters to leave blank the race for District Attorney. I will also skip a couple of other races

If you’re in my neck of the woods, please support:

  • James Cargas for Congress, District 7
  • Gene Wu for Texas House, District 137

I think we have a great slate of candidates, for the most part. Each in their own way has offered themselves up for consideration, all are progressive thinkers, and the bottom line is, Republicans will only put us on a backwards path on civil rights, voting rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, etc. We cannot move backwards. And the Democratic slate at all levels will ensure effective representation and an effective defense of those issues we have worked hard for.

Finally, for my friends in Senate District 6, I encourage them to once again, and for one last time, vote and re-elect the late Senator Mario V. Gallegos, Jr. There is no doubt that he had earned re-election, and posthumously re-electing him will send a message to Republicans that SD 6 is a forward-thinking district.

Have fun voting. There are 37 locations all over Harris County for your convenience. Get it done early, then get your friends and family out to vote!

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