Thoughts on Viernes…10262012

Numbers y Mas Numbers

My bud and neighbor, Greg’s Opinion, does a little analysis on the early voting numbers, thus far, and Kuff adds his perspective. I don’t know, I wanted folks to vote early so they could avoid long lines on election day, but there are long lines now, too. So, vote early, anyway!

#FearFail From Greg Abbott

Yeah, Greg Abbott is warning international election observers to stay out of Texas. The U.S. sends observers all the time to “left-leaning” countries having elections, so what’s up with international observers checking out Texas? Considering the right-wing voter photo ID law was struck down, and there are Republican groups like the Tea Party and “True The Vote” and King Street vowing to stop minorities from voting, it’s a good idea to have observers at the polls.

Speaking of the suppressionists, the True people have created something for Latinos to stop Latinos from voting calling it “voto honesto.”

But the fact remains that the suspicions of voter fraud activists tend to focus on two groups: residents of “urban areas” and “illegal aliens.”

Critics say those are euphemisms for blacks and Latinos generally, and suspect that poll-watchers from groups like True the Vote will be sent not to white, suburban precincts, but to predominately black and Latino ones, in an effort to intimidate Democratic-leaning voters.

Indeed, in Harris County, Texas, the birthplace of True the Vote and its parent group the King Street Patriots, anecdotal evidence  suggests that the group’s modus operandi in 2010 was basically to send white poll-watchers to black precincts.

So, there you have it. Leave it to the Republicans to vilify the right to vote.

Polls Are Undercounting Latinos?

That’s what Latino Decisions is saying. I mean, c’mon, remember Harry Reid in 2010? He was supposed to lose, according to polls. I posted about Latino Decisions back in 2010 and their ability to create some pretty good polling of Latinos. Of course, undercounted or not in the polls, the closer polling gives us incentive to work harder–not just for President Obama, but for the rest of the ballot, too.

Immigration Never Covered by Latinos?

Yes, it’s true. Whether it is some right-wing nut railing on Latinos or an apologist from “the left,” it seems the Latino perspective is always missing on immigration stories. In fact, that’s the way it is in most stories on issues. A lot of my activist friends look for every mainstream media opportunity, but a few seconds of coverage simply is not enough. So, I tell them, we need to write our own stories, and we need to create and grow our own markets for these stories.

Heck, that’s what I attempt to do in some small way with this blog. Of course, that doesn’t let mainstream media off the hook–or even mainstream Spanish-language media. Spanish-language media misses the point of most issues beyond immigration, if I say so myself. Someone needs to take responsibility, rather than saving their dwindling media jobs for kids of TV talking heads.

It’s probably because we refuse to say “illegul.”


GO Vote. You have 37 locations; Saturday and next week’s hours are expanded to 7am to 7pm. Really, voting is a no-brainer. It’s your duty. No excuses!

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