TPJ Calls out Hope Andrade as Lead Voter Suppressor

We can talk about voter suppression Republican groups like King Street and the “True” group, but at some point they are being bolstered by officeholders, whether elected or appointed. According to Texans for Public Justice, it is Hope Andrade, the Rick-Perry-appointed Secretary of State, who has taken the lead on voter suppression efforts.

Texas’ “first Latina Secretary of State” led a recent drive to suppress voter turnout. Perry appointee Esperanza “Hope” Andrade directed local officials to purge 76,900 names from voter rolls unless the individuals proved that they are not dead.

Even worse is Andrade’s methods of determining “dead” voters.

Andrade admitted that she based 89 percent of the names on her list on “weak matches” that loosely associated voter identification data with death records.

TPJ points to the fact that, although appointed, she is able to take in political contributions and have an “officeholder” account.

Andrade raised $134,391 in political contributions—even though she is not an elected office. Andrade taps her officeholder account to wine and dine, to buy gifts, to pay her phone bill and to pay accountants, fundraisers and other staff.

Wow. I understand appointees having political clout, but the ability to raise tens of thousands of dollars for their own use? It would seem that influence could easily be bought by contractors and vendors for one, but what about voter suppression groups and supporters?

Add to this the word that “Motor Voters” who registered through the DPS Driver’s license offices may not have had their voter registration information turned in and one cannot help but see that there may be a pattern. At the very least, it is a pattern of incompetence.

Read TPJ’s report here (PDF).

I hope people realize that Latinos shouldn’t support just any Latino or Latina politician. Support those who are on our side, not necessarily our skin color.

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