Thoughts on Viernes…11022012

Last Day to Vote Early!

By the time I click “publish,” you will have around 4 hours to vote on this last day of Early Voting. As of Thursday, 678K had voted early. I won’t analyze anything, but the compadres Kuff and Greg have their takes after one week. One thing is for sure:  Harris County is going to be close, and not just at the top of the ballot. That’s why it’s important for Dems to vote the entire ballot.

$3.1 Million for 17 Years

I’m of the opinion that if George Rodriguez was awarded a $5 million verdict for serving 17 years after being wrongly convicted with bad DNA evidence, then the City should have wasted no time in cutting him a check. Instead, the City appealed and wasted another three years and finally settled on $3.1 million.

“On behalf of the citizens of Houston, I want to apologize to you,” said Mayor Annise Parker to Mr. Rodriguez.  “You were an innocent victim of a faulty system and I am sincerely sorry for the injustice you suffered.  There is no amount of money that can make up for the years of your life that have been lost to this ordeal.  But, hopefully, this settlement will somehow help in moving forward with the rest of your life.”

No amount of money, but you cut a couple million off the verdict? But I will agree with the Mayor on the apology and the sentiment. Anyway, given that he’s struggled the last few years, he could have used the money then, too. That said, I hope Rodriguez can move on, invest well, and have a life beyond the walls–the state’s and those of his rental.

A Concert Review Coming Soon

I’ve escaped the City to check out one of my favorite musical groups. I don’t know if I’ll get to visit the “cement ditch” this time around, though. I’ll be writing a review, and hopefully, providing some pics of the event. It should be pretty special.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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