How Did Latinos in Harris County Fare?

Back in August, I provided a line-up of Dem Latinos on the Harris County ballot. How did they do? Obviously, a few were unopposed, others had minimal opposition, and the rest were in tight races (judicial candidates).In fact, 13 of these Dems had opposition. Overall, 13 wins, 3 losses, and one of the losses got a majority of votes in Harris County in a multi-county race. Results for those in contested races are in bold.

Mario V. Gallegos, Jr. – Texas Senate District 6 – WIN (Special Election to be called for vacancy.)

Armando Walle – Texas House, District 140 – WIN

Ana Hernandez-Luna – Texas House, District 143 – WIN

Mary Ann Perez – Texas House, District 144 – WIN – LaTeaNo Opponent

Carol Alvarado – Texas House, District 145 – WIN

Jessica Farrar – Texas House, District 148 – WIN – LaGreenO Opponent

Julia Maldonado – 14th Court of Appeals, Place 8 – LOST (But earned over 50% of Harris County votes in a 10-county race.)

Michael Gomez – Judge, 129th District – WIN

Josefina Rendon – Judge, 165th District – LOST

Ruben Guerrero – Judge, 174th District – WIN

David L. Mendoza – Judge, 178th District – WIN

Adrian Garcia  – Sheriff – WIN

Jo Ann Delgado – JP Pct 2 – 1 – WIN

Richard Vara – JP Pct 6 – 1 – WIN

Chris Diaz – Constable Pct 2 – WIN

Victor Trevino – Constable Pct 6 – WIN

Silvia Mintz – County School Trustee Pos 4, Pct 3 – LOST

So, it wasn’t a bad day for Democratic Latinos. Bottom line, it’s Democratic Latinos with whom Latinos best identify.

Sidenote:  Of the 5 LaTeaNos on the ballot, 3 received more votes in their races in Harris County, with two opposed, and one opposed by a Libertarian.

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