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Sylvia Garcia Declares Candidacy for SD-6

Well, as I posted earlier this morning, Sylvia Garcia has declared her candidacy for Texas Senate District 6, the seat left vacant with the untimely passing of Senator Mario Gallegos. Obviously, Gov. Perry has not yet declared a special election, but as the Chron reports, there is obvious jockeying going on.

Backed by a nice chunk of Houston’s Democratic Texas House delegation, which some also represent parts of SD-6, Garcia will definitely be a contender with a seasoned campaign team.

I had the privilege of doing a few radio shows with Sylvia during her time at UCTC Radio and she even gave me the opportunity to “solo” when she had to go to court and fight against Harris County’s anti-Latino redistricting plan. That definitely left me hungry to get on radio! Plus, I’ve truly respected her community activism during her “post-commish” time.

2012 was just the beginning of this whole Latino “explosion” folks are talking about, and this race provides an excellent opportunity for frank discussions and debate about the future. Definitely keeping an eye on this one.


P-Bush’s PAC, Hispanic Republicans of Texas, gave a few bucks to some of their LaTeaNo candidates, but the big shocker was a $5,000 check as the end came to Mark Shelton, who ended up losing to State Senator Wendy Davis  in SD-10. Did that go to Latino outreach, or was it just to buy influence? And don’t get me started with that $1K check to that anti-choice group, or the $2K given to Mary Ann Perez’s teaper opponent in HD-144.

Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres, Bushy.

Forget 2016! 2013 is right around the corner.

Will he or won’t he? Local attorney Ben Hall is thinking he might announce sooner than later that he may or may not make a run at Mayor Parker. District I continues to fill-up, and on election night I heard of at least one other candidate that hasn’t been reported by the local media. At-Large 3 will surely fill up, too. Of course, we also wonder about challenges to incumbents. This last election seems to have kept me interested in the upcoming elections. So much for burn-out.

Have a good weekend!

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