Thoughts on Viernes…Turkey Sabado Edition 12242012

RIP ~ JR and Macho

I don’t know what it was about Dallas, but us poor Chicanos in South Texas enjoyed taking a glimpse into the lives of rich white folk. Perhaps because the only time Chicanos stepped into huge houses was to clean them, or if we visited huges farms and ranches was to pick the crops and tend to the animals, but there was something intriguing about watching other peoples problems. Still, Dallas (then and now) was an amazing show because of JR Ewing, played by Larry Hagman. Sure, it was quite an ensemble, but Hagman’s JR was just plain evil. Back in the early days, it was easy to hate JR. And in the latest edition of Dallas, I found myself rooting for the old man. Beyond JR, we cannot forget Hagman as Major Tony Nelson in I Dream of Jeannie. And one of my favorite roles was watching him as Governor Fred Picker in Primary Colors. Rest in Peace Mr. Hagman.

Hector “Macho” Camacho was the same kind of character. You could either love him or hate him. From his attention-getting outfits in the ring or his general attitude, I think I rooted for him and rooted for his demise in the ring at different times. His early championship fights in the 80s bring back a lot of good memories of me watching the fights with my dad. Those were the days in so many ways. RIP Macho!

A Congressional Newbie has a story on Joaquin Castro’s first week of orientation in Washington, DC.

It felt, oddly, like a cross between his freshman year at the state Capitol, where he served five terms in the Legislature, and his freshman year at Stanford University.

Give it a read.

And The Story About Bexar Dems Ground Game also has a story about the Bexar County Democrats’ campaign, which resulted in a lot of good victories.

It’s all about investment and a good field plan. Emphasis on investment, though.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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