Garcia Earns Labor Nod in SD-6

Sylvia Garcia, candidate in the still-not-yet-called-by-Gov. Perry SD-6 Special Election has earned a couple of key organizational endorsements–AFL-CIO and Area 5 Democrats.

“Sylvia Garcia has been a strong supporter of working families’ issues from her days with the City of Houston to Commissioners Court.  She has the experience and knowledge to represent the people of District 6 and will address critical needs like education and healthcare.  Sylvia will be an outstanding Senator for the State of Texas,” said Richard Shaw, Harris County AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer.

Area 5 Dems are a good group of activists and volunteers in SE Harris County who put boots on the ground for campaigns. The Labor nod comes with a lot of influence. I would put both of these in the “major” category, as endorsements go.

Perry needs to get on the ball and call a special election. He didn’t waste time naming cronies to a couple of empty posts recently. Is he thinking that the people of SD6 lacking a vote during the legislative session is not an emergency?

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