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Andiola’s Mom Released

After a terrible night and morning for the Andiola family, it’s been confirmed that Erika’s mom has been released as ICE used its prosecutorial discretion. This whole episode points to something bigger:  We need comprehensive immigration reform!

Waltrip Ram Band Needs Your Help!

The Chron has the story about this high school band invited to perform at inaugural activities in Washington DC. They are thousands of dollars short at the moment and every little bit counts. Make your donation. Click on the link to make yours.


Raul Malo and the Mavericks moved the release date for their new production to February 26.

Two Faces

There was a lot of hubbub after it was announced that President Obama’s inaugural poet was going to be a Latino–specifically, a Cuban American whose family left Cuba. All talk became about his experiences, being an American, etc. Frankly, all the talk did nothing for me since, as a Chicano, I have nothing in common with the dude. Even in the broader Latino sense, nothing in common at all. But I did wonder if choosing this guy was a “safer” bet than choosing a Chicano or some other Latino with an immigrant experience that coincides well with the fight for comprehensive immigration reform. (Since the President tells us they have some sort of message strategy for CIR, what better way to promote it than on the stage where he’s taking an oath to get it done.)

There is a big difference between a “wet foot/dry foot” immigrant (or at least someone that just didn’t like Castro) and someone whose families had the personal experience of traversing deserts and mountains or escaping destitute poverty; not to mention Obama’s deportation policies which have broken records. Last night, as I was headed for bed, I heard of President Obama’s policies gone awry–again. If anything, it looks like a targeted raid had begun the process of breaking up another great American family–one who left Mexico for better opportunities. And one with a daughter who just happens to be a DREAMer activist.

Let me tell you, any excitement about the inauguration and the coming fight for comprehensive immigration reform has turned to questioning the Obama administration’s commitment when something like this is allowed to happen. And it has even caused me to question Obama’s choice of inaugural poets–at least the Latino part of it. Nothing against the guy; frankly, I’ve never heard of him. But when the administration portrays itself as trying to send some sort of message that it likes Latinos, the dichotomy of parading around someone “safe” of their choosing  while raiding the home of someone who is in the fight for their lives–literally–causes one to question a lot of things.

Change my mind, Mr. President. At least make me feel warm and fuzzy, again.

Sign the petition. Call for Erika Andiola’s mother and brother to be released immediately.

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