EVENT TODAY: Vigil To Stop Family Separation

From Facebook:


TODAY – Friday, February 15 at 7PM

Houston Processing Center, 15850 Export Plaza Dr, Houston, TX 77032

Join us on Friday, February 15th, as we come together to fight the ongoing death, incarceration, and ill-treatment of our community in the Houston Processing Center, and support each other through the process.

HPC is one of the top ten worst immigrant detention centers in the country, according to the Detention Watch Network (http://bit.ly/TremY0), and Texas is the state with the second largest number of immigrant detention centers in the country.

After decades of fearing the ever-present “glare” of la migra all-around us, it is time to turn the ICE-cold eye of the community on them, and no longer believe the lie that we can do nothing about it.

We can!

So please join us, as we come together to mourn the loss of those who have already passed through this immigrant processing monster, as well as those who have lost their lives in centers like this (there are two cases this year already, including an Honduran man in the Conroe center last week,http://bit.ly/YdfUEy), and those like one of our very own cousins who is currently in detention at HPC and feeling like there is no one there to help him. Join us as we come together to shore ourselves up for the oncoming battles and let ICE know that our community gaze will soon turn on them.

Have you become ICE-resistant yet?

If you or someone you know is going through a deportation process or a difficult case, La Texas Undocumented Youth Alliance, a new group, is here to help.

Please contact Alicia Torres at 512-659-1829 or email laTUYAtx@gmail.com if you have questions, want to get involved, or need help fighting a loved one’s deportation.


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