DC Promo: FREE the Dream!

Thanks to my friend Fred Stawitz, I now know of a pretty cool effort to unite people behind social and economic equality through a project in which he assisted Dr. Virgil Wood, who was a part of Dr. King’s ongoing efforts back in the day. Obviously, The Dream remains out of reach for those who live in poverty and this effort, FREE the Dream!, revitalizes a movement to bring people together to address and promote ideas that fight poverty and to put more people on a better path to happiness.

A part of this effort is an inspirational anthem, FREE the Dream!, performed by Kathryn Riggins and Cecilia Duarte, and which honors Dr. King and Cesar E. Chavez.

FREE The Dream! This powerful song embodies the dream for which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived and died, the dream that inspired César Chávez to organize the farmworkers, and the dream of Native Americans to live in peaceful harmony with the land. It is human nature, and consistent with spiritual teachings, for people in all nations and all walks of life to want to live free and to provide a better life for their children. Dr. Virgil A. Wood, friend and colleague of Dr. King, carries this important message forward with a call for life, liberty, and the economic means to pursue happiness for all. We, the people, have the power to make this dream an enduring reality for ourselves and for our neighbors around the world!

You can sample and purchase the MP3 here. Doing so, will support Free the Dream!’s efforts to inform communities.

And learn more about FREE the Dream!



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