Thoughts on Viernes…03012013

Vote for Sylvia! * Vote for Sylvia! * Vote for Sylvia!

That’s all one needs to say after all has been said and done (and TV advertised) these last couple of months. More importantly, if you vote in SD-6, find your polling location and VOTE on Saturday!!

Happy Anniversary to ME!

Today marks one year since I moved inside the Beltway into a radically different area of town than where I lived for 10 years (from Kingwood to Sharpstown). I miss Kingwood, our Democratic activists, and the work we did to push Democrats forward. I haven’t gotten as involved as I’ve wanted to be in my new area of town, but perhaps this next year of living here will see me more involved.  One thing is for sure, my commutes are much shorter, the cultural offerings are greater, I get to live a few miles from my mom’s senior facility, and I definitely feel at home. It helps to have Democratic elected officials, too! I’m looking forward to another year in my neighborhood.

(Note:  Hopefully, this year, Greg will finally give me my Barrio Card.)

MUSIC BREAK:  The Mavericks – Back In Your Arms Again (Acoustic) in NYC CD Release Party


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