SD6 ~ Sylvia Garcia Wins!

Looks like it’s State Senator-Elect Sylvia R. Garcia who will be headed to Austin to represent Senate District 6. After starting the evening with comfy lead after the Early and Absentee votes were tallied, Garcia kept the lead en route to a 1000+ vote victory at the end of the evening.

Now, the bad news, as Kuff and the Trib reminds us.

Harris County has 10 days to canvass the results after Saturday’s contest, and Gov. Rick Perry‘s office of has an additional four days. The winner cannot take her oath until the governor’s canvass, which means the victor will not be able to file any bills after taking office.

Well played, Rick Perry. Which is why many of us were calling for Perry to call the election from the get-go, and which goes to show where Perry’s priorities are during the session.

Yeah, sounds like it sucks, right? But the new Senator had the perfect response to the Trib.

“What we’ll do is just work with some of the legislation that’s already been filed, not only on the senate side but with some of the house members that I have been working with during this campaign,” she told the Tribune. “We’ll just have to work with what we got.”

There’s no doubt that things got a bit serious in this race; even I enjoyed a few insults from some more overzealous supporters of Alvarado. (I drink coffee with the wealthy people of Memorial and that should bar me from having an opinion, apparently.) But Garcia hit the nail on the head.

Garcia said she will make health care and public education her priorities and said she anticipated that the delegation, which was split in its support between the two candidates, will heal and come together. Both she and Alvarado will be in Austin now as members of the same delegation.

“It’s all about moving forward and moving the ball forward and making sure we get things done, not only for this district but for the state of Texas,” she said.

State Rep. Armando Walle, D-Houston, was one of Garcia’s earliest supporters and said Saturday’s election means the delegation has added a strong and motivated Latina to fight for Houston.

“The election is over. District 145 gets to have a strong leader and advocate,” he said. “And it has a strong senator to advocate for our community in tandem.”

All that’s left to be said is:  How dare Garcia and Alvarado make friends pick between them!

Seriously, though, this is something that will keep occurring, but I hope this just means we’re another step closer to creating a Latina/o break-out candidate who can run competitively city-/county-wide and statewide. We’re overdue!

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One response to “SD6 ~ Sylvia Garcia Wins!

  1. This was a tough one, Tacho. I must admit this was one of the hardest elections I’ve ever played in during my time in politics in my home city. I’m glad STAND FOR CHILDREN stood our ground and I’m glad we supported Carol Alvarado, a fantastic candidate and education champion. I think Sylvia threw as many punches as she could, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from the tough, smart fighter that she is. I’m proud of my candidate, but I’m also proud to have a strong, Latina Democrat in SD6 now. Onward!