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Los Palominos are back with a new production on Houston’s Urbana Records, Siente El Amor. Produced by La Mafia founder Armando Lichtenberger, this newest release from the Arriola brothers of Uvalde, TX is strong and puro Palominos.

The formula for Los Palominos has not changed much since their founding–strong vocal harmonies, some great melodies on the acordeon, and an excellent rhythm section. Together, they’ve put out some of the most memorable tunes. And this CD will have some equally memorable ones.

Kicking off with the title track, a ranchera, Siente El Amor is already enjoying some play, as well as some views from the video. The pop-tinged ballad Te Quiero Mas is true to Los Palominos’ style with a powerful chorus that could be a great live sing-a-long.

LP wastes little time in taking us back to “cuando estaban las viboras paradas” with the tried-and-true Me Cai De La Nube, made famous by Los Relampagos, and in the 80s by the Mafia-Cornelio Reyna collaboration. Quiero is an upbeat cumbia that will keep folks on the dance floor, while Te Sigo Extrañando will be the tear-jerker in this group of songs.

With it’s groovy, guitar-effects-laden intro, Te Extraño turns out to be one of my favorites, and the chord progression in the chorus makes it all the more awesome.  Lo Aprendi De Ti is a great tell-off song to a bad, bad person, and will surely be a crowd favorite. Always offering the best cumbias, Despacito and Como Antes, gives one reminders of LP’s 90s music that brought them to the top of the industry. They stay ahead of the curve on creativity with the Country-esque ranchera Luz De Mi Vida, offering some amazing harmonies and a nice little two-step rhythm.

It’s great to hear some new stuff from these guys, and not just because they’re from my native South Texas. Los Palominos are always ready to offer a great live show–playing this music to perfection. Get to iTunes or your favorite music store and buy this music!

Congrats to Urbana Records and Mr. Lichtenberger for producing a winner!

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