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Mayoral Update

Well, Annise Parker earned the nod from the local cops, as well as women’s political powerhouse Annie’s Emily’s List. Annie’s Emily’s List is having a good run, having helped elect and re-elect a whole bunch of great women to the Texas House and Texas Senate nationally, so, I think this one is huge.

The opposition kicked off their campaign this week, and, if I understand correctly, he wants to cut taxes and fees, pump money into corporations (and did I understand “international” ones?), and make Houston “grander.” Well, a lot of that takes revenue, doesn’t it? I’m sure we’ll hear more about this as he rolls out his campaign.

I tend to agree with my friend Mustafa Tameez that there isn’t a case to be made to change Mayors since things haven’t been bad, if anything, I’ve enjoyed Houston a lot more since moving into the big city. I can’t say I’ve agreed with everything Mayor Parker has done, but not to the point where I’d click another name on the ballot.

We’ll see where voters gravitate during this long season.

Editor’s Note:  When you have your phone buzzing, your FB messenger popping, and people bothering you with other things, you tend to get a bit fuzzy, so apologies for the error above. 

Luis Gutierrez is coming to town

The Illinois Congressman of Puerto Rican descent has been more vocal than most, if not all, of our Chicano members of Congress on the issue of comprehensive immigration reform, and whenever he comes to town, he really revs up a crowd. This time around, though, things seem a bit different with both sides in some kind of discussion. Unfortunately, the human rights factor of the issue continues to take a back seat to deportation/enforcement measures, cheap labor exploitation programs, and the usual vitriol about immigrants from some of the Republicans who refuse to budge. Ultimately, without people moving on the issue, members of Congress cannot do much. They need to hear from the people, and that’s what I’m thinking this event does–rev up the people, get them calling/writing Congress, and keep the message moving. Find out about the event here.

Congressmembers Al Green and Luis Gutierrez

Saturday, March 9 at Noon

Bayou City Events Center * 9401 Knight Road, Houston, TX 77045

MUSIC BREAK ~ Los Palominos – Siente El Amor (Urbana Records)


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