Thoughts on Viernes…03152013

The Rob Portman Thing

Well, it’s not surprising that a Republican changed his stance on gay marriage as soon as he found out his son was gay. I’ve seen this quite a few times from Republicans who all of a sudden found out how bigotry personally affects them. Too bad we don’t see more of this:  “OMG! I’ve got an ‘illegal’ maid (or gardener), I think I’ll become pro-immigration reform!” Or, at least not after Latinos kick their butts in an election.

Convenience “liberals” can be quite annoying.

“Scholars” Reduce Us To “Special Topic”

The insulting nature surrounding Dan Patrick’s SB1128 is obvious when he gets his “scholar” buddies to defend what they are doing by calling the courses they are attempting to delete “special topic courses.” US Ethnic groups are a “special topic,” now? These courses are certainly more American and Texan than what is usually taught because they are inclusive. The battle continues, I suppose.

MUSIC BREAK:  Johnny Hernandez – Aventurero from his new CD

Here’s some music from a Tejano legend who was recently racially profiled by Arizona Highway Patrol doing “ICE” work.







One response to “Thoughts on Viernes…03152013

  1. Actually Portman has known his son was gay for two years.

    Will Portman told his father and mother he is gay two years ago, when he was a freshman at Yale University.

    I just wish that one of Rick Perry’s kids would come out of the closet as poor.