What if GOP Candidates Wear Sombreros?

In what seems like a second effort in three months to attract Latinos to their political party (since their kinder, gentler immigration rhetoric of early 2013 seems to have flopped), the Republicans are now putting dollar signs behind what will be a $10 million marketing program. The problem:  If Republican policies on immigration, jobs/economy, health care, education, and a host of other issues do not change, then what exactly are they selling to Latinos?

A kinder-gentler message introducing bad policies is not the answer; if anything, it’s worse than the “the Democrats didn’t do it in the first term!” line Romney, Inc. was selling in 2012. The GOPers didn’t support anything having to do with any type of reform, whether it was the DREAM Act or President Obama’s DACA.

Our friends at POCHO.com hit the clavo on the cabeza with a great parody of these new efforts.

GOP to spend $10 million further alienating minorities (Highlights)

With Operation Wetback 2016, the committee hopes putting a fresh face on the same old racism will help them net more Hispanic voters.


“We’re using the tag #GOPLovesBeaners2016 on Twitter to reach out to our Hispanic friends online because we realized that when a lot of them are waiting for work at Lowes or in between cleaning rooms, they’re online,” Priebus said.

Hey, GOP! Policies matter! Years of hateful rhetoric and targeted policies have left a political sinkhole that will only be filled when the GOP supports, rather than lambastes, good policies.

Now, to whom shall I send the bill? (They did say $10 million, right?)


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