Thoughts on Viernes…03292013 ~ 8th Anniv. Edition

There I Go Again…

…questioning my allegiance to any given political party. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as liberal as they come, and a lot more liberal than apologist progressives.  A compelling post in CounterPunch by Professor Emeritus Rodolfo Acuna has me questioning everything about everything. Whether I question the apologist nature of the Democratic Party or the weak negotiating skills of Latino elected and nonprofit leaders, this article seems to have hit a nerve–especially on the weekend in which DosCentavos reaches its eighth year on the internets.

There’s little doubt that very few are paying attention to realities lately (or maybe they aren’t) regarding the great immigration debate. At one point there was no chance of another Bracero program coming to fruition; now, labor and big business are in negotiations over what is acceptable in a guest worker program. What’s worse, Latinos aren’t asking or saying much about it; or worse, not objecting to it. Of course, there’s more that is being ignored in the debate–record deportations, enforcement-heavy ideas, etc.

The question has become so muddled that not even the so-called Latino leadership knows what it wants. Having been invited and having sat at the Democratic Party table as guests of honor, they don’t want to rock the boat –or like my mother used to say quieren quedar bien con todo mundo.

Perhaps Dr. Acuna is correct. So, where does that leave those of us who still want to question everything, yet, really don’t have a place to call our political home? Stuff to ponder as I contemplate the future of DosCentavos.

Those Wetbacks!

Whether said by Gringos (bad Anglos) or newspeople, I hadn’t heard the term “wetback” so much in years! Glad to see Leader Boehner is mad about it. What did he tell Young? “You’re only supposed to say that at the country club, you ninny!!!” Or something like that, I’m sure.

Everytime Republicans try to play nice with Latinos, one of their own screws it up by opening his/her mouth. Most don’t care what they say as they blame it on being products of their time. But this just goes to show that Republicans are trying to attract Latinos using the wrong methods. Talk is cheap (and cheaper as with Young), but policy reaps rewards. I mean, c’mon, Republicans wouldn’t play nice with DREAM Act or CIR, so Obama does an end-run with DACA and Latinos (who vote) see who is actually playing nice–plain as day.

I guess that’s the message for Republicans and Democrats. If you want Latinos to vote for you, then make it about policy, pendejos!

Russ Contreras has his take on his very own blog.

Eight Years

And as I mentioned, DosCentavos is about to turn eight (8) in April. It’s been a hell of a run in so many ways. Readership has gone up and down, as has my political boredom, during the last 8 years. One thing I have found is that my readership goes up when I write about Tejano music and Chicano culture. People are hungry for it, especially as the Dan Patricks of the world go on the offensive with bad laws. Unfortunately, so many “activists” are hungry for attention that they’ll even take a pat on the head from Latino Republicans. The problem is, political parties still don’t seem to get just how to mix both culture and political message. I mean, I know how, but the powers that be are still stuck on appearing to be supportive, rather than just being supportive and understanding. That last one is more important, by the way, and is seldom met.

Anyway, the whole week I’ve been spending thinking about what to do with DosCentavos. Rebrand? Redesign? Re-quit? Like I said, the end result of politics gets boring when turn-out is less than 20%, yet, we continue to say that all politics is local. If that’s the case, then the politicians need to mean it. Or what Dr. Acuna states will be as true as ever.

Without a doubt, the 2012 Presidential Election is a watershed in Chicana/o History. It is a recognition of our numbers not our skill at playing the political game. In my view, in order to survive thegame, we must play it collectively and have clear principles.

I guess I’ll stick to principles and to hell with everyone else?

MUSIC BREAK:  Mexico-Americano, Los Lobos (Live)

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