#4750 ~ Once Social Change Begins the Right-Wing Flips Out!

Well, that much is obvious.

No, that was not Cesar Chavez’s actual quote, but I guess if one honors a dead Mexican American leader on a Google Doodle, the right-wing reserves the right to have a freak-out. Forget that he’s a Navy Veteran with a Navy ship named in his honor. Forget that he was a devout Catholic. Forget that he was as humble as the new Pope has shown himself to be, including being buried in a plain old pine box.

Leave it to the right to somehow treat this as a declaration of war against Christianity. 

First of all, Google hasn’t had an Easter doodle since 2000, but we never heard anyone freak out about that, or about the German doctor dude who was honored last year. Others were thinking it was about the late President of Venezuela, who some joked, hasn’t risen either. So, what gives? Why the freak out?

Hurry, answer before someone answers it for you!

And is it me, or was the Bing Easter Egg thing influenced heavily by Latinos?

Oh yeah, and since when do Easter huevos have anything to do with Christianity?

chaveznavy*Thanks to the wing-nuts for giving me material for Post #4750!




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