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The Texas House Did What?

The Republican-heavy Texas House is known for telling students, the poor, and the sick “NO!” on just about everything. Yesterday, thanks to State Rep. Abel Herrero (D) Corpus Christi, an amendment to the budget was passed that would ban the use of tax money for school vouchers. So, voucher folks…NO!

The real fight will be when Dan Patrick’s tax-giveaway to big businesses who give money for vouchers is debated. Some will say Herrero’s amendment is only about appropriations and not tax giveaways to the wealthy. If at the very least Patrick’s idea dies for this session, I’ll be content.

The Aggie Opt-Out Idea

Can we, as individual taxpayers, decide to what we want our individual tax bills allotted? Frankly, I wouldn’t want any of my money to go to A&M (or even UT). (At least both shouldn’t be the only ones benefiting from the Permanent University Fund.) But that’s not how the game is played. Unfortunately, the lab rats of future governance at Aggieland (the student govt) voted on a “religious freedom opt-out” bill that would allow individual students to not pay for certain things to which their student service fees are allotted. Much like I didn’t have a choice but to “pay” with student service fees for SWT bringing that nutjob Oliver North to campus,  I figure this is the same thing. In other words, get over it! I did. Obviously, there is a demand for GLBT resource centers (which really are the only targets, if you ask me). I would hope that the President of A&M would simply shred the damn bill if it is signed by the lab-rat prez–for lack of creativity, if not for obvious bigotry.

UPDATE:  The Student Body Prez of A&M has vetoed the bill, according to GLBT Aggies.

Only 11 Dems Vote NO on SB1

After a whole day of amendment voting on the state budget, only 11 Dems and 1 GOPer ended up voting NO. They were the following:  Rafael Anchia-Dallas; Lon Burnam-Fort Worth; Nicole Collier-Fort Worth; Joe Farias-San Antonio; Mary González-El Paso; Ana Hernandez Luna-Houston; Abel Herrero-Corpus Christi; Trey Martinez Fischer-San Antonio; Justin Rodriguez-San Antonio.; Chris Turner-Fort Worth.; and Armando Walle-Houston. David Simpson of Longview was the sole Republican. Thanks for standing up for the people.

MUSIC BREAK:  Little Joe, Johnny y La Familia ~ Las Nubes

Its meaning explained by my friend, Johnny Hernandez

It was written by a gentleman from Nuevo Laredo by the same name as mine except his is Juan Hernandez not Johnny. I don’t know why he wrote it but I believe the lyrics speak to the reason.

It’s about life, the troubles and suffering of the poor people who deal with the system’s unforgiving double standard treatment of the less affluent in life. It warns us of the harm we cause ourselves in body and spirit when we do drugs, alcohol etc, and how when the man telling the story says he’s ready to give up (which really means all the people) and die, God sends the clouds to refresh and uplift him with the power of the cool rain giving him/everyone hope in life, that brings the “Spiritual” element to the song.

It’s a powerful song and poetry that gives comfort to our souls.

That’s what it means to me and to most of my fellow Chicanos through out the Globe!

I still get chills running through my body when I sing it after all these decades. Paz


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