Thoughts On Viernes…04122013

From The Small Penis Minds Caucus…

The Guns on Campus bill cleared a Texas House committee yesterday. I’ve got family members and friends who are faculty, administrators, indentured servants (adjunct faculty), custodial staff, and even cops. They’re all against it, including one dude who works where the stabbing by the crazy-haired dude occurred. The only good thing is that colleges and universities have the option to opt-out.

Fletcher’s bill gives the state’s public universities and colleges a chance to opt out of the provision if they first consult with students, faculty and staff. Private universities could opt in. For campuses that still ban weapons, the bill reduces the penalty for a violation by concealed handgun license holders from a felony to a misdemeanor, a crime that would still cause them to lose their license.

The bill goes to the Texas Senate for consideration. The bigger problem is that there is also an open-carry bill being considered that would allow CHL holders to carry a holstered gun. This isn’t the fuc**n’ wild west, people! We’re supposed to be somewhat human nowadays. Here’s another bit of reality:  44% of white people own guns, while 27% of ethnic folks own guns, according to some stat I saw. Given attitudes, I don’t like the odds, either.

Speaking of the Mindless…

Debbie Riddle still wants to get rid of the Harris County Department of Education with HB 945. A hearing is set for the House Education Committee. Call the members of the committee and tell them hands off one of our most important agencies in Harris County. They can all be reached at 512-463-0804.

Chair Rep. Jimmie Aycock
Rep. Alma Allen
Rep. John Davis
Rep. Joe Deshotel
Rep Harold Dutton
Rep. Marsha Farney
Rep. Dan Huberty
Rep. Ken King
Rep. Bennett Ratliff
Rep. Justin Rodriguez
Rep. Mike Villarreal

Hearts Nervously Pitter-Patter…

Some holdouts remain in the fight to gain more support for marriage equality. Kuff has the list, but some of our good Texas Congressional folks are on it, and I’m sure their hearts nervously beat at the mention of the topic. The way I see it, a lot of people didn’t like abolishing slavery, but it was the right thing to do. A lot of people didn’t like the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Act, but it was the right thing to do. Even immigration reform has come along and…well, maybe that’s a bad example considering the “border security” BS that Cornyn is selling. Still, CIR is the right thing to do. Can you see the direction in which I am heading? Marriage equality. It’s the right thing to do.

Besides, all these weddings would be job creators! And for couple in South Texas, the Tejano music industry (bands and DJs) would definitely see a a jump in business. Gallego and Cuellar should just go with it!

Music Break – Los Texmaniacs – Eyes of Texas/Deep In The Heart of TX


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