Thoughts On Viernes…Catch-Up Edition 04192013


…for not being around this week. The familia has been dealing with some health issues regarding our Jefita (mom). I won’t bore you with the details (yet), but I will ask for positive vibes and/or prayers for her. She’s the toughest woman I know, but every little bit counts. Thanks.

Guns, Immigration, and Political Capital

Some of you know my feelings about President Obama spending a hell of a lot more political capital on guns than on immigration reform. Simple background checks expanded to stop people from buying them from unregistered dealers at gun shows earned a huge fail, even though “91%” of Americans supported it. I don’t even want to imagine the Senate and House vote outcome on the enforcement-plus immigration bill produced by Los Ocho that is already causing the nuts to cry “Mexi-Muslims!” and has caused some right-wingers to call for a halt to any CIR because of Boston. Where’s the leadership? (And I mean other than the Ocho.)

Some folks are slamming Leader Harry for not changing the filibuster rules, so, one must ask:  Is he saving it for immigration? He only rode to victory on Sherron Angle’s hate. He owes people something. Hell, they all owe a hell of a lot more than what’s being offered, but since the bill was crafted on thick-socked tippy toes, I guess I’m supposed to put up with it.


Rick Perry Gives Thanks…

My heart goes out to the people of West, TX. That said, it looks like the taxpayers are footing the bill for something that occurred at a private business with a not so good record. I would figure fertilizer blowing up and killing/maiming people is right up there with, say, an oil spill by a negligent oil company. No doubt, the people will need help and it is always the government that should be the first responder to those needs. Unfortunately, private businesses that shirk their responsibilities and the politicians that allow it are the cause of more waste than most anything for which we pay.

Dark-Skinned Muslims Acting Like Hispanic SPLC Members

Louie Gohmert is still at it, and today during 30 minute speeches, he went off on the Southern Poverty Law Center for calling the Family Research Council a hate group. Well, when you’re trying to violate the civil and human rights of people, you’re gonna get called a hate group. It’s no different than the right-wing Austin think-tank that wants to ban ethnic studies in Texas. Hate disguised as love for America is still hate. Get over it, Republicans!

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