DC Inbox: HFD Promotes Preparedness on this May Day

This also reminded me that I need to test (and/or buy new batteries) for my smoke alarms! You should, too.

The Houston Community Preparedness Collaborative has implemented “May Day Houston,” a citywide event that embraces today, May 1, 2013, as the official preparedness day. “May Day Houston” which features preparedness activities, readiness messaging and resources at citizen’s homes, schools, places of work, recreation and worship.

The Houston Fire Department will open Fire Stations to the citizens of Houston from 5p.m. to 8 p.m. this evening, May 1, 2013. (depending on the stations calls for service). Firefighters will help inform citizens about preparedness awareness through various safety and literature. Citizens who cannot afford a smoke detector for their home may also obtain one from their local Houston Fire Station.

Preparedness builds a community’s capacity to respond to and recover from a disaster. To achieve the primary goal of proving preparedness information to every member to the community, this new citywide initiative will focus the entire day on preparedness. The hope is to reach further into the community than it ever had before.

There will also be food donation drives at the Houston Food Bank, a disaster kit campaign with local retailers, neighborhood walks and meetings and ads featured in the local news papers and media.

The goal is to meaningfully improve preparedness and our City’s capacity to rebound from a disaster. Additional information about the event may also be found at www.maydayhouston.org

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