Poll: Latinos Really Want to Know More About ACA

As much as Latinos respond to Republican negativity about immigration reform, can you imagine how they would react if more Latinos knew about the Affordable Care Act?

A poll by Latino Decisions announced that 52% of Latinos are not informed about what is called Obamacare. Another 69% of Latinos state that the ACA is complicated; however, 89% want to know more about it. 71% of Latinos claim they cannot name one policy within the ACA. The Obama Administration could do much more to educate the Latino community on the ACA, considering that health care is a top issue of the community and the fact that Republicans are adamant about getting rid of Obamacare.

Furthermore, after hearing some basic information, 75% believe ACA will be good for the Latino community in the long run compared to only 16% say it will be bad. These findings from the survey provide some optimism that if properly engaged the Latino community will be avid consumers of information pertaining the to the historic reform legislation.

The poll also showed that Latinos are definitely worried about rising health care costs, especially with as many as 45% of Latinos lacking health insurance. Latinos have been hit hard by medical bills, according to the poll.

Republicans are still not getting it right with immigration reform, but there are other issues, including health care, where the GOP simply doesn’t get–or doesn’t care–where Latinos stand. I see a major opportunity for increased political education on the part of President Obama and the Democrats.

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