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Toilet Paper – Now, With Puffy Designs

The Texas Tribune reported that a Texas House committee basically turned a resolution supporting comprehensive immigration reform into a political statement against comprehensive immigration reform. In other words, toilet paper.

State Reps. Ana Hernandez Luna and Rafael Anchia had drafted a positive resolution. Unfortunately, they had to draft a LaTeaNo rep. to make it more acceptable to right wingers.

Earlier, state Rep. Jason Villalba, R-Dallas, said that in addition to adding language that specifically criticizes amnesty, the text of the original resolution was also changed to favor a path to “earned legal status” and not citizenship.

I’ve always been of the opinion that if one has to change the message one wants to send, then, one has lost all sense of the message.

“Nobody in this House supports outright amnesty but rather an earned legal status,” Anchia said.

Accepting that the Republicans simply want to exploit workers by not granting them the rights we all have (which is what this is really about) is just plain wrong. This resolution is not a victory. It’s not even a message anymore. You’re just talking the right-wing’s language. Appeasing Republicans has never worked for Democrats.

The Problem With Millionaires

Well, there are too many, but this week we found out and as Kuff posts,  some can’t pay their taxes on time. Some say, well, at least Ben Hall is paying them–fines, late fees, and all. I won’t judge him, but maybe the Cinco de Mayo Parade folks should have had as grand marshal a giant photo of average Latin@ taxpayers whose tax investments keep Houston running.

Texpatriate has more.

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