Thoughts on Viernes…05102013

Great GOP Primary ’16 Material for Ted Cruz

A group of DREAM moms confronted (YouTube link) Marco Rubio at the Capitol recently. Asking him all sorts of questions about his wishy-washy support for immigration reform, Rubio was forced to commit his support on camera. As the episode continued, he seemed to be searching for a bottle of water which was no where to be found. The vid is in Spanish (and Rubio responded in Spanish, too) with English subtitles. The funniest part is at the beginning when an aide apologizes for this happening. So much for constituency services.

Dan Patrick’s anti-Ethnic Studies Bill Left Ignored in Committee

After the House equivalent bill which threatened Ethnic Studies in Texas was left to die in the Calendars Committee, it was found that Patrick’s Senate bill didn’t even receive a hearing. After last night’s midnight deadline to bring the bills to the floor, it seems both bills are now dead. No doubt, though, that there is a move toward more legislative control of college and university curricula, now. This won’t be the last battle.


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