Congrats To MALC on 40 Years and Concert

In all the excitement about the run-up to yesterday’s concert at the Texas Capitol, I forgot to say congrats to the Mexican American Legislative Caucus on 40 years of fighting for what is right. And also, congrats on a successful concert.

It’s not a new thing to connect culture and politics–it worked in the 70s, actually. Back when “Chicano Power!” was the battle cry, there was a lot of interest in issues and voting, and culture and music were mixed into the cause.

I’ve been saying until “blue” in the face that an investment in this connection (if done right, and not just for the sake of doing it) that it would pay off. Anyway, I’m glad to see MALC try it in the form of a celebration. I hope other groups are watching. It’s a long-term investment, like anything else that is supposed to organize voters and the vote.

Most of the pics I saw seemed to show more than “1,000,” but anyway, and MALC gives us a more realistic 8,000.

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