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Librotraficantes’ Oppression Detection Kit

Our friend, Tony, has penned a pretty awesome post at Latino Rebels on how we (not just Latinos) should be able to detect oppression in the future. It isn’t always black and white, as in de-funding education or failing to support Medicaid expansion, as the Republicans have done. It’s also about code words, vague laws, and other tricks used in attempting to do away with ethnic studies and courses in this realm, as local right-winger Dan Patrick has attempted. This is a big win, at least for now. As I’ve been saying, I expect it to return in a couple of years–bigger and and more bigoted.

The District I Photo Controversy

Kuff and Texpatriate have chimed in on the thing. I haven’t added anything, but only because I haven’t seen the actual flyer or e-mail or however it was delivered. Heck, I found out about the whole photo thing through other bloggers and then through Hair Balls. According to posts by the Ben Mendez Campaign on both aforementioned blogs, as well as a conversation between the candidate and myself, the campaign denies any involvement in the production of the flyer or e-mail or whatever it was. I was honest with the candidate and told him that the delayed response made a few bloggers question the reason, to which he responded that the campaign was surprised by the accusation since he and his campaign team have been working hard on meeting voters and attending events.

Now, I will say this. At least three of these District I campaigns have good people working on them, whether paid or on a volunteer basis. Whatever political tactics used, negative or not, are usually chalked up as “business as usual” unless there is something really crappy and mean that is spread. I personally know a lot of Ben Mendez’s volunteers and, while some may not be the long-time campaign pros other campaigns tend to have, at the very least they are professionals in their own right and not prone to child-like behavior, like seeking bad photos and using them on flyers.  Since there are plenty of potholes in my neighborhood, I know there will be plenty out in District I of which to speak and promise to fill. Let’s hope all the campaigns take a turn for the positive and move on from this crappy situation and talk about what each candidate offers.

Note:  I have not endorsed any of the campaigns, nor am I employed by any of them. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

Music Break – DLG w/ Eddie Perez – Tu Tienes La Culpa

Note:  Thanks to Mr. Eddie Perez for sending a “thank you” note  for the review I did on David Lee Garza’s newest release. It really made my week. Hopefully, DLG won’t get mad for me posting this one.




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