Judiciary Committee Sends CIR to Senate

Well, at least their version of CIR, which will probably be called by right-wing-nuts in the House the “liberal” bill, or the “amnesty” bill. Or something negative.

After going through almost 300 amendments, the committee passed 100 of them–some good, some OK, many of them bad. One important amendment that went ignored without a vote was one that would allow American citizens to sponsor a foreign-born, same-sex spouse for citizenship. If you can’t even vote, then there are some guts missing in DC.

The Senate is expected to vote sometime next month. Meanwhile, the House has been working on their version of the bill, but a Republican-created glitch regarding health care for immigrants has Dems calling for a re-do.

The language — supported by Republicans and some Democrats in the House group — says that immigrants seeking citizenship must pay for their own health care. In this proposal, immigrants would no longer be eligible for citizenship if government has to pay for it. (DC’s Emphasis)

But the tough language sparked concerns among Democrats about the possibility of emergency surgeries, and whether expensive procedures would plunge these immigrants into debt, and out of the country.

How heartless can you get? Tricking sick immigrants out of getting health care when needed, or worse, keeping them in some some bottom-class status if they do use it, even in an emergency. The Republicans won’t budge without this specific language. The fact that Dems want to stop any health care for those who gain status has me a bit pissed off, too.

I won’t show even a bit of excitement with the Senate’s “progress” as some in the Democratic Party or the non-profit, pro-migrant establishment have been showing in their press releases. As I stated, whatever comes out in the end will more than likely be mostly bad and not even close to being termed a legislative victory.

I’ll keep watching this from the cheap seats, and keep taking a closer look at what’s being proposed.

FYI:  My sis and I are on tour and we’ll be speaking at the Humble Democrats meeting on Saturday, 2 PM, at the Octavia Fields Library. As always, Toni will give the legal/legislative side of things, and I will provide the political side of things. Come on over!



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