Koch Brothers Attempt Takeover of CW-39

This was quite the shocker. Right-wing funders, the Koch Brothers, are attempting to buy a local television station–the CW Channel 39.

Dozens protested at the Southwest Houston TV station today to bring light to the possible takeover of a local media outlet. Given what the Kochs are all about, this is definitely scary. The fear is that the Kochs are trying to buy nine newspapers and other media outlets for the purpose of having free-reign over the airwaves to spread their right-wing agenda.

“We want the CW to be an independent, objective information source—not a tool of right-wing propaganda,” said community leader Roland Gonzalez who spoke at the protest.  “We don’t want The CW 39 in Houston to become The Tea Party Channel.”

In case  you haven’t heard what the Kochs do, well, they fund right-wing think tanks, and support the de-funding of public education, destroying Social Security, overturning Obamacare, eliminating the minimum wage, and destroying labor and employee unions.

The sale is supposed to occur sometime in May. Hopefully, there will be some online activism in which folks may partake in the near future to deliver a message to those in charge of approving such decisions.


2 responses to “Koch Brothers Attempt Takeover of CW-39

  1. Have you ever really watched CW Newsfix? Judging by their commentary, they seem to be more right wing already.