More on the HCDE Trustee Appointment

I know I let my frustrations be known on the whole HCDE appointment thing on Friday’s “Thoughts,” and today’s press release from HCDE explains a bit more of what was occurring (my emphasis below).

On June 6 in a special board meeting, the Harris County Department of Education Board of Trustees reached a decision to appoint Howard Jefferson to serve the remainder of the term for HCDE Board of Trustees, position 7.  The move comes after an impasse during board deliberations to appoint a replacement for Jim Henley, former HCDE trustee for position 7, who resigned his position.

Jefferson came forward and offered to return to the HCDE Board of Trustees to advocate and serve on behalf of HCDE, its students and 1,200 employees. He possesses a wealth of HCDE Board of Trustee experience as a result of many previous years of service. In addition, he brings decades of community service from his business, education and civic associations.

Questions regarding this matter should be directed to HCDE Board President Angie Chesnut.

Well, with a 3-to-3 Dem-to-Rep ratio on the board, one can see how it could become difficult to move forward if members were sticking with party lines. Kuff had that feeling, too.

Of course, this may be setting up quite the Primary in 2014 if some or all of the applicants who were interested this time around file. And I’m thinking there are other seats not currently held by Dems that they could challenge, too. You know, so we can avoid any impasses in the future. One thing is for sure, the HCDE Board which serves the 3rd largest county in America and which has 41% Latino population, has no Latin@ on the board. Just sayin’.






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