Thoughts on Viernes…06142013

A Happier Flag Day For All…

Especially since Sebastien de la Cruz belted out the National Anthem again last night before Game 4. Most of those dorks who tweeted some awful stuff about the kid got their own tweetfuls, too, and now, most seem to be gone from the Twitter. Considering they hardly had any followers on Twitter, it just goes to show that Americans have more to fear from the website that outed them than the NSA.

North Forest Will Be Houston ISD, says Judge

This just in:  An Austin judge has decided that North Forest will be absored by Houston ISD. Frankly, I prefer HISD’s oversight than that of a corporate charter school entity with a mock school board. As much as HISDs bidding practices are being questioned, at least they have bidding practices to question. The HISD Board redrew the boundaries, so, now, I’ve got something else to look at. All of this still needs the OK from the DOJ, though.

Jeb Seems To Like Fertile Immigrants

Either he meant immigrants make more babies who become workers to exploit, or…I really don’t know. Maybe he’s talking about more purchasing power since the newest data tells us white folks are dying a lot faster than being born. Or maybe he meant more field-hands to pick GMO-laden crops. Quien sabe!

MUSIC BREAK- Los Palominos’ George Strait Tribute – One Night At A Time (Or, Mexicans singing in English, AGAIN?!?!?)


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