The Deal to End All Deals

It’ll be announced sometime today, but the Gang of Ocho is set to announce a deal that worsens an already bad immigration reform bill in order to appease John Cornyn and, maybe, Ted “30,000,000 are coming to get us!” Cruz.

Senate aides from both parties tell NBC News that the agreement would double the size of the border patrol and require 700 miles of border fencing.

We all know the fence is a huge boondoggle, but Republicans who despise big government now want to double the size of it–at least the Border Patrol. To put things in perspective, according to DHS, there are about 22,000 Border Patrol agents currently on duty. Almost 19,000 are on the southern border. Given this doubling, there will be almost 40,000 armed agents on the border. In other words, we’re talking full-throttle militarization here. Or in another way to see it, an army whose job is to hunt Mexicans (and other brown people).

I would expect Chuck Schumer to support it, since he profits from all the captures in one way or another, but Menendez?

The Democrats are hoping that such an effort will somehow leave the “path to citizenship” alone. But after yesterday’s Tea Party IRS-Bash-turned-Immigrant-Hate-Fest, there’s no doubt that the hate-mongers are organized against any type of reform. What did Bachmann say?

“Amnesty costs a fortune,” Bachmann cried.  “Amnesty could also cost more than just money.  It could cost a nation.”

If we take this CNN poll seriously, it seems Ted Cruz’s fear-mongering might even be working on Democrats.

A CNN/ORC International poll released this week showed that a solid majority of respondents — 62% — think border security should be the main focus of immigration legislation, with 36% saying the legislation should emphasize a path to citizenship for immigrants living illegally in the country.

The poll showed Democrats divided evenly on the question, while independents and Republicans strongly called for a focus on border security.

I’ll stop now until the announcement is official. Maybe Los Cuatro of the Ocho Dems will come to their senses and play hardball. (You may laugh hysterically…now!)



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